Sabtu, 7 Ogos 2010


Hello wbt all ...

In the chapters that our health is not resolved. A member once asked the question to me, one of the blessings of wealth and health favors Which one is the will I choose?

My answer of course favors health. Why? In my opinion, there is no wealth to the absence of health favors. Food is so unpleasant. Hardest hit a lot of good food should not be eaten. Want to mana2 was difficult because of illness.

When we have health, we can do many things which are working hard to make a living. If you do not like anything, a simple but adequate for a healthy happy.

One of the causes of health is water. Bersihkah tap water that we drink during this time? If any water is cooked, it can only disinfect but chlorine and other substances precipitate remains in the water. That water we drink since childhood. Imagine acceptance of our body organs like the liver and kidneys ???? That is why many people we reach a certain age come macam2 disease. why? why not keep eating and drinking. Cleaned and cooked food must use water. Drink water course.

So again I ask ... BERSIHKAH water we drink during this ???? If not quite clean, clean. Various brands of water treatment systems on the market today. Banyak2 water filter I advise you personally, do NOT buy RO water filter. RO water to clean water thoroughly eliminating the natural mineral substances in the water needed by the body. RO water is off and acidic water. Purchase a water treatment system that not only cleans but mineral supply and oxygen to your body's needs such as Bia Aura. Not only the price is cheaper than other jenama2, but it is lighter, easier to install and better quality of course.

I do not simply want a promotional Bio Aura but what is more important to share some of this with you guys.

Apa2 already please do not stingy in this health thing. Money can be searched, health ??? Ask ourselves. Love yourself and your family.

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